22 Smart and Easy Ways to Save Money While Moving

22 Smart and Easy Ways to Save Money While MovingMoving is an exciting and thrilling time for many people in their lives, especially as you move towards bigger and better adventures. When you are planning and preparing for your next upcoming move, there are a few smart and easy ways to help save money regardless of when you are moving and where your final destination is located. Knowing how to save money while moving can make all of the difference in your personal experiences. With a few tips, save money and time as you go forward in your next adventure of life.

1. Toss, Donate, or Sell Items You No Longer Want

One of the best ways to save money while moving is to donate, throw away, or sell items and belongings that you simply no longer want. Eliminating clutter and excess is a way to drastically cut down on what you need to ship and the overall costs it will require you to move your belongings from your current home to your new location.

2. Start Early

Always start as early as possible when packing for an upcoming move. As soon as you have finalized your decision to move, it is best to get started right away. Packing and organizing earlier will allow you more time and freedom to decide which belongings and furniture items are most important to you, and which can be sold, donated, or thrown out.

3. Know Where to Get Packing Supplies

Packing Supplies
Take the time to research local packing suppliers as well as various stores, gas stations, and other warehouses that may have extra boxes available for you year-round.

4. Find Free Boxes & Packing Supplies On Craigslist, Offerup, or Letgo

You can also use free alternative resources to find free packing supplies and boxes. Using websites and apps such as Craigslist, Letgo, and Offerup, search for free moving boxes, tape, packing peanuts, and other supplies free of charge to help you save even more money throughout the packing and moving process.

5. Pack Yourself

Take the time to pack all of your belongings and personal items yourself. By starting early, save time and money while also ensuring you know where all of your belongings are at all times.

6. Use Suitcases To Pack Items

Use your own suitcases to pack items, especially if you do not have enough boxes or if you are looking for a convenient solution to help get started.

7. Get Help From Friends & Family

Enlist your own friends and family members to help you with the packing, organization, and moving of your belongings. With the help of family and friends, you will only require the assistance of professional movers for the largest of all of your pieces of furniture.

8. Pack & Move Valuables Yourself

Pack and move important valuables, collectibles, and fragile belongings yourself. Even with moving insurance, there is no way to replace valuables and family heirlooms during a move unless you do so yourself.
Pack and move important valuables collectibles

9. Move During The Off-Season

Consider the time of year you are planning to move. Moving during the off-season, or months that are not as warm or optimal for moving, can help you to find even better deals on hired help and services.

10. Move During The Week

When selecting the right day to move, consider a weekday. Moving during the week is a way to cut down on traffic and the overall business of any area or space while you are in the process of moving and transporting your belongings.

11. Read Reviews & Hire The Right Moving Company

If you want to save money moving across country, take the time to research each individual moving company you are interested in hiring and using to get the job done right. Knowing how much money should you save before moving out highly depends on your final destination and how long will take you to drive and arrive. In order to save money moving across country, learn more about top national moving companies to determine which provider is right for you and most affordable while you are interested in ways to save money while moving.

12. Ask Your Moving Company for a Fixed Rate

When searching for the right moving company, inquire about a potential fixed rate. Some moving companies will provide completely fixed rates depending on the size of the job as well as the distance between each destination.

13. Compare Moving Quotes

Knowing how to save money on moving is not as simple as seeking out discounts and promotions. It is important to put in the time and effort when researching moving companies and services to save money while moving.

14. Understand Moving Company Costs & Extra Fees

Not all moving companies operate in the same manner. Some moving companies may have additional costs and moving fees, which is why it is imperative to determine which provider is best for your needs and budget beforehand. Understand that additional fees and charges may occur based on the amount of work you have for your chosen movers.

15. Don’t Hire Cheap Movers

Avoid hiring cheap movers and instead, opt for a reputable, insured, and well-known moving company in your area for the best outcome possible.
Don't Hire Cheap Movers

16. Be Prepared For The Movers

Prepare your home and the belongings you intend to move ahead of time for the arrival of your hired movers. Preparing for the movers can help to save time which ultimately leads to additional saving of money.

17. Ask The Movers To Do A Quick Wrap Of Furniture

When working with professional movers, inquire about quick wraps and furniture wrapping to provide your most prized possessions with another layer of protection.

18. Use Coupons & Look For Deals

Check for coupons and local deals when you are searching for a professional moving company that is right for you and also affordable for your budget.

19. Have a Garage Sale

Consider having a garage sale prior to your big moving date to help unload and sell additional belongings and items you no longer need. In addition to making more room for the big moving day, you will also earn a bit of extra money to put towards moving expenses in the future.

20. Cancel Unused Subscriptions

Cancel utilities as well as unused subscriptions in your current home that you are moving from to help save money once you arrive at your new location.

21. Measure Access Points Before Moving

Always measure the access points of your new home or location before arriving with your furniture and belongings to determine the best course of action to save time and minimize the hassle.

22. Don’t Overbuy for Your New Home

If you genuinely wish to save money while moving, it is highly advisable to prevent overbuying and overspending on new furniture, decor, and personal belongings for your new home. Even if you are simply excited at the prospect of moving to a new home, it is best to do so at a slow and steady space to avoid overcrowding your new space and overspending any of your moving budget you have left.

Saving time and money when moving does not require the help of professionals or the guidance of professional movers. By taking the time to plan ahead and to conduct thorough research on the movers and professional help you need, learn the ins and outs of moving and relocation while knowing how much money should you save before moving out. When you know how to save money on moving, simultaneously keep your money while sticking to your household’s budget at all times once your big moving day actually arrives.