Can I ask Movers to Rearrange Furniture?

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Can I ask Movers to Rearrange Furniture
Most people hire a moving company to help them avoid doing any heavy lifting. However, once the move is in progress they then begin to wonder if their movers can also help to move furniture. Arranging furniture is something that all relocations require, and is something we are more than happy to help with here at Prime Texas Movers.

Getting our Moving Crew to Help Move Furniture

Many times, our customers are not quite sure where they want everything, and need more time to sort things out. When moving into a new place, our team members will always place boxes and furniture in whatever rooms you ask them to. This can allow you to take your time and figure out what arrangement works best.

Some people want at least a basic furniture arrangement to help them feel as though they are getting settled in their new home. In that case, we are happy to rearrange heavy items until you are fully satisfied.

We know that sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes in order to come up with just the right look.By getting our movers to help move furniture, you can take advantage of their experience. During our years in business, we have seen a variety of different layouts and floor plans. As such, we can sometimes give our clients practical advice that they may not have even thought about otherwise.

Whether you want our movers to move furniture for you is completely up to you. If you only have a small budget, simply ask us to place your belongings in the room they are supposed to go in. On the other hand, if you are ready to get settled quickly, you may wish to hire movers to help move furniture as well as to unload.

Rearranging Furniture after the Move

You may not be quite sure where to put things on the day you move in. What happens if you later decide you need help rearranging furniture? In that case, you can always hire movers to move furniture in house as well. Take advantage of our labor and avoid the back-breaking work of arranging and rearranging heavy pieces.

When you hire us for furniture arrangement, we’ll provide you with the same great care you would receive if you were choosing us for a move. We will always handle your furniture with care to ensure that nothing is damaged in the process. Our associates can even handle furniture assembly and disassembly in the event that doing so becomes necessary.

Our team members are always happy to offer advice on where to put things. However, if you already know where you want your furniture to go, we would be happy to accommodate that request as well.

Save Time with our Furniture Arrangement Services

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to hire movers to move furniture. If you have recently moved and are trying to get settled, contact us for help with placing your furniture. When planning a relocation, consider letting us handle arranging your pieces for you on the day of your move. To schedule a furniture arrangement or to find out more about our moving services, please give us a call today.