How much does it cost to move long distance

Estimate Your Moving CostsPrime Texas Movers provides services for local and long distance moves and can deliver your belongings to your new location so that you can start furnishing your new place without any unnecessary delays. Our team can also assist you if you’re moving the location of your business with our corporate moving services.

If you plan to move a long distance away from your current location, you can count on us to help you with every detail of transporting your belongings. We’ll take great care of your items while they’re en route so that they’ll arrive in the excellent condition that you expect.

Cost is one of the biggest factors when moving, and we do our best to move our customers’ belongings at the lowest rate possible. If you obtain quotes from multiple moving companies and look closely at all the long distance moving companies prices, you’ll likely notice a big difference in some of the prices, and the total moving costs can fluctuate even more when other factors are considered. We can provide a fair and honest quote based on the details that you give us about your move so that you’ll have a better idea of what you should expect to pay. We also give our movers long distance cost estimates in writing before going to every person we serve so that our customers can have documentation of what they should expect to pay.

The Typical Long-distance Move

A long distance move is usually classified as a move across a distance of at least 400 miles. Not all moves across state lines are considered long-distance moves if each location is in fairly close proximity of one another. But how much does it cost to move long distance? On average, the cost of a long distance move in the U.S. will total just over $4,000, but costs could range from a low of $850 to a high of $5,000 or more in some cases.

Factors That Determine the Price Quote

When we come up with quotes for our customers, we look at several factors so that we can price each move correctly. Our staff members are highly experienced at calculating moving costs and always go over every fine detail carefully to ensure accuracy.

Weight and Distance

The total weight of all your belongings will be a key determiner in the cost of long distance moving. A DOT scale can weigh your load to ensure the most accurate pricing. The total distance traveled to take your items from one location to the next will also influence the total cost.

Cubic Feet

If your move is based on inventory, we’ll calculate the price based on the total cubic footage that’s occupied in our moving trucks by your belongings. The cost may be more or less than the estimated total if the amount of space that you need for your belongings changes if you decide to move fewer or more items than what you initially anticipated.

Shipment Type

The method that’s used to transport your belongings will also influence your cost to move cross country or a shorter distance. These shipment methods include:

  • Consolidated Shipping – Usually the least expensive shipment method, consolidated shipping may be ideal for you if you want to save money and can be more flexible when it comes to receiving your items. Most deliveries can be made within a three- to ten-day period, and the specific day and time that you receive your shipment will depend on your exact location.
  • Express – If you need your items faster, express shipping can get your belongings to you in a three- to nine-day period or sooner. Your items will be loaded onto a truck with other customers’ shipments and kept separate so that your load doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s.
  • Exclusive or Direct Service – This option is often best for people who have the extra money to spend more on the cost to move across country distances. If you choose this service, you can get your items faster with a guaranteed pickup and delivery date and won’t have to share a truck with other customers’ shipments.

Extra Expenses

Your move may incur extra costs if you choose to add on additional services. Storing your items while they’re in transit may be necessary if your new place isn’t ready to be moved into yet, and this can increase your total cost of long distance moving. Transferring your belongings to a smaller vehicle may be necessary if your new location isn’t accessible by a large moving truck, and you should expect to have to pay a shuttle fee if this is the case. If you choose to insure your belongings, you’ll want to take the cost of moving insurance into consideration. The mileage traveled and total gas that’s used during the move are also included in many long distance moving companies prices.

Consider Downsizing to Save Money

If the expected cost to move across country distances is causing you concern, you can try saving money by downsizing your move. Going through your items and getting rid of the things that you no longer need can lower your moving expenses. When we give our movers long distance cost details of your move, they may be able to help you downsize even more to save you additional money.

Prime Texas Movers can take the guesswork out of calculating your relocation expenses so that you won’t have to keep asking yourself, “How much does it cost to move long distance?” We strive to keep every customer’s cost to move cross country to a minimum.

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