How to Move Safely Durin The Coronovirus Pandemic

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How to Move Safely Durin The Coronovirus Pandemic
Moving is already a daunting task during the best of time. Adding a crisis on top of this makes everything unbearable. The social distancing requirements have brought in so many uncertainties, and you have to be super cautious in everything that you do.

However, even with everything that has been going on, you can still move to a new house and do it safely. The uncertainties in the housing and property industry have seen so many individuals buy houses. At the same time, others are selling theirs as they opt to go for rentals instead and have some funds for expenses during the pandemic season. If you are planning on moving, but you are not sure of how to move during the coronavirus pandemic, here are some tips for you.

Conduct a Background Check on the Movers

You need to be careful with the company you choose to entrust with this. Not all companies are capable of helping you stay safe during this period. Take your time and do an in-depth background research and check the measures they have put in place to ensure your safety. For example, they should have a video chat technology to help in viewing your properties before providing you with a quote.

At this time, when we are advised to keep off from visitors, the crew shouldn’t come to your house for evaluation. With the video chat, you can take a comprehensive video of your home with instructions and send them to the movers. The company can also do a Facetime session to show you the trucks so you can select your preferred choice. You can repeat this process even during the loading and offloading process, to ensure that you all keep a distance.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind, and we have come up with a strategy to ensure that all the COVID-19 policies and practices are observed. Some of the measures that we have put in place to help in moving during coronavirus include;

  • Our moving crew is scanned every morning to ensure that they are free from the virus.
  • We review our COVID-19 policies and practices to our clients before getting started.
  • Our clients can quickly reschedule or cancel the move during the coronavirus if something comes up.
  • If we notice that any of our customers are exhibiting coronavirus symptoms, any crew members that have come into contact with the infected are screened and are tabled until the results are out.

Contact a Moving Company

Moving companies are here to give you the most seamless and stress-free moving process possible. We are here to serve you and ensure that your items get to your new location safe and sound. We have been offering these services for the longest time, which has helped us gain the necessary skills and experience to provide our clients with a smooth and fast-moving process.

Sanitize Your Items

The key to staying away from the virus is by sanitizing all surfaces both before and after moving. We carry our sanitizer around and observe all the hygiene and cleanliness requirements to protect both our clients and employers. This is also a significant time-saving aspect as we can sanitize the items as we pack and unpack. We also sanitize our vehicles’ surfaces to ensure that you do not come to contact with any germs.

Observe Social Distancing

Social distancing is crucial during this period and should be observed even as you move during the coronavirus. You should keep a safe distance between you and the movers. We are not implying that you or our employees have the virus, but everyone must practice this in this predicament. Make sure that you have masks on when talking and directing them on how to load your belongings. Our crew comes prepared with protective gear to ensure that they do not put you at risk.

Electronic Paperwork

We are trying as hard as possible to avoid any passage of items that could put our clients at risk. This is why it is best if we incorporate the electronic signing of paperwork. This should be done before the move, so we all have time to review it and confirm before getting started on loading your items.

Ensure that Moving is Allowed in Your Area

You should take time and educate yourself about the moving requirements in your neighborhood. This will save you from breaking any laws. Luckily, moving has been termed as an essential service during this period. However, while people are allowed to move during the coronavirus pandemic, the case might be different in your apartment. For example, some buildings are under shelter-in-place order and this means that some individuals are not allowed to move. You should confirm before scheduling the move.

We are your go-to solution for moving during coronavirus in Texas Estate, and you can trust that we will meet your expectations. We care about you, and your safety is our primary concern. Contact us today for more information on the same and let’s plan on your move during the corona virus.