How to Pack an Apartment in One Day

How to Pack an Apartment in One Day
Can you pack an apartment in one day? Yes! Packing and moving is never fun, but you can pack an apartment in one day if you’ve prepped well. The key to packing quickly is to have your sorting and packing tools set up and ready to go the night before.

You’ll Need More Boxes Than You Think

Don’t skimp on this. If possible, purchase boxes of a uniform size for easy stacking in the moving vehicle. If you’re not in a position to buy boxes, check in at the office of your employer and ask for paper boxes. As a last resort, visit your local grocery and liquor stores for boxes.

Sort As You Pack

Invest in black trash bags for garbage and white trash bags for donations so you can sort as you pack. If you want to take it with you, put it in cardboard. Once you’ve filled a box, label it with the room it should go into in your new place and tape up the box.

Start Early

You’ll need an early start. When working out how to pack an apartment in one day,make sure you prepare food that can be quickly eaten. A stock of paper plates or bowls is a good investment for the day as well.

Use Suitcases and Backpacks

Use one suitcase per person and load a change of clothes, towels, clean sheets, their pillow, and toiletries. When you arrive, you can shower, change and make your bed for a good night’s sleep in your new home. Load your computer and all cords that will fit into one backpack. This will make setting up your entertainment system much easier. When figuring out how to pack an apartment in one day, it’s critical that you use the storage you have to best effect.

Laundry Baskets

Put your dirty laundry in a cardboard box and load your laundry basket with cleaning supplies. As you pack, wipe down baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures and window sills. Once a room has been emptied by the movers, you can vacuum and shut the door. Can you pack an apartment in one day? Yes, but if you want your deposit back you need to clean it as well. Cleaning as the apartment is emptied will speed up the process. If you’ve got friends willing to help, assign them this task.

Use Your Friends

If people are willing to help you pack an apartment in one day, let them. You’ll have things to discard and things to donate. Even if your friends aren’t great at packing, they can drop off things you plan to donate and wait for a receipt if needed. Let them know that anything in a black bag can go right into the trash. When deciding how to pack an apartment in one day, it’s critical that you clear the space as you go.