How to Pack Dishes and Glassware When Moving

How to Pack Dishes for Moving

How to Pack Dishes and Glassware When Moving
Packing breakables during a move concerns many people, but with a few tips, the worry disappears. Here we will discuss how to pack dishes so damage is never something you unwrap at the new home. When you learn the easiest way to pack dishes for moving , you eliminate a lot of hard work and worry that comes with this job. Of course, if you prefer, Prime Texas Movers can take care of the work for you. We pack dishes for long distance move success.

How to Pack Your Glasses and Dishware When Moving

Start with the right boxes. Sure, you can pack dishes into any box, but a box designed to hold this precious cargo is more durable and reduces the risk the bottom will break and damage your dishes. Boxes designed for china and breakables are the best choice for smooth, worry-free relocation.

The right packing materials also make a big difference in the safety of your breakables during the move. Use the following tips when choosing packing materials for dishes:

  • Use dish barrels, the ideal moving box for dishes. The boxes have thick cardboard material that absorbs shock and better protects your dishes. Prime Texas Movers sells dish barrels for your moving needs. Using this style box allows you to pack dishes for moving without paper if necessary.
  • Tape the bottoms of all your boxes using packing tape only. If possible, apply the tape with a tape gun for easier application. Tape the bottom and sides of the box about 1/3 of the way up the side.
  • Avoid newspaper. The newsprint rubs off during the move, adding work to your agenda in the new home. Purchase white packing paper to pack dishes for a cross county move and avoid this extra process and potential damage to your most precious items.
  • Even kids can pitch in and help pack dishes and glasses for moving. When the whole family pitches in to pack dishes for a cross country move, the moving experience is easier for everyone.

Start With a Soft Bed of Paper in the Dish Barrel

Cushion dishes with a soft bed of paper in the dish barrel. Crumpled paper works best because it is more shock absorbent. Avoid newspaper. Be generous with the newspaper, creating a six-inch layer at the bottom of each barrel. You can pack dishes for moving without paper, but it should be used.

Packing Glassware

Pack the heaviest glassware in the carton first. Place more fragile glasses on the top half of the box. For example, a glass serving tray or a heavy glass mug ould go on the bottom layer. Wrap each item with wrapping paper for durable protection when you pack dishes for a cross country move.

  • Lay glassware on your stack of wrapping paper.
  • Insert one sheet of paper into the open end of the glass for added cushioning.
  • Fold each side of the wrapping paper and roll and tuck each piece of glass.
  • Always wrap each glass separately.
  • Double wrap crystal, china, and other fine pieces.
  • Wrapping Glassware- Roll & Tuck

Use the method above as you wrap additional glassware and breakables. This gives each glass multiple layers of paper and protection. The more crumpled paper, the more layers and the more absorbancy against damage during the moving process.

Use the same style of the wrapping when you pack glasses and stemware. Place each wrapped bundle into the box as it is finished. Once the box is filled with dishes, add more packing paper on the sides and anywhere you see open space. This reduces movements and again, the risk of cracks, chips, and other types of damage. It truly is the easiest way to pack dishes for moving if you want to avoid breakage and problems in the process.

If you hear items clinking together, you need more paper. Do not be shy with paper when you pack dishes and glasses for moving.

Wrap & Pack Plates

Follow the same wrapping technique outlined above for your plates. Just place wrapping paper between each plate and stack same-size items together. Durable dishes like china and Cornelle do not require as much wrapping paper. However, it is recommended that you use at least two sheets of wrapping paper when you pack dishes when moving. Pack heavier plates at the bottom of the box.

Fill Your Packing Box to the Top

Pack all bundles of dishes in the carton until about three inches from the top. Add other items to the top if you’d like. Wood spoons and other non-breakables do well stacked between all the wrapping paper. It’s one of the best ways to pack dishes for moving!

Fill the box to the top so that when you tape the box it does not push down onto the dishes. Since boxes are loaded several boxes high, a carton that pushes in or bends can damage the inside contents.

Label all cartons with the contents to make unloading in the new home easier. Even the movers will thank you for labeling the boxes because it makes their jobs so much easier, too. A black marker serves the box-labeling purpose wonderfully.

Remember, packing supplies can be used again if you are moving more items in the near future. By reusing moving and packing supplies when you pack dishes for long distance move, you can save a ton of money and time.

Packing is a big job, especially when it is breakables going inside the box. The ways to pack dishes for moving listed here alleviate a lot of concern and worry during this process. And, of course, you can always call Prime Texas Movers to pack dishes when moving and leave all worries and concerns behind with thanks to our professional service.