How to pack for a move in 3 days – The Smart Guide to Packing

Guide to Packing

Think packing for a move in three days is impossible? With the right strategy in place, you can learn how to pack for a move in 3 days! Do not break a sweat assuming that a three-day pack means a lot of hard work and stress. Follow the easy, step-by-step information in our special guide to packing for a move for an easy, breezy experience. The Smart Guide to Packing eliminates stress and worry, saves time, and helps you focus on more important tasks involved with the relocation process. When you learn how to pack when moving, the entire process is less burdensome. We will teach you how to pack for a move in 3 days with the following how to pack for a move guide.

Start Here: The Packing Process

How to pack for a move in 3 days
Time to make a checklist! Go into each room and create a checklist of items that need packing. Use your laptop or a sheet of paper to create the checklist. Be sure to label the checklist with its corresponding room. With a checklist, you understand exactly what needs boxes and if you should clear out things that you no longer need. Making a checklist helps you stay organized and better track belongings from one home to another.

A few additional organization tips during the packing process:

  1. Do not pack items that you don’t want or need. It takes time to sort through closets, drawers, and cabinets, but doing so reduces a lot of work when d-day arrives. Donate these items to a local charity organization, give them to friends and family, or hold a yard sale to pocket a little extra cash. The extra work declutters the new home before you move in!
  2. Pack items by room and by category. For example, some people pack toiletries in one box and other bathroom items in another box. When packing by room, you save time since you know the exact box the items you need.
  3. Label the outside of each box with the room and contents inside using a black marker. You save considerable amounts of time when labeling boxes.
  4. Clean as you go to minimize clutter and dirt. Otherwise, you will have a big mess on your hands that looks like a nightmare when it is time to clean.
  5. Pack an essentials box containing items for the first night in your new home. Place cleaning supplies, an overnight bag, and kitchen supplies inside the essentials box.
  6. Ensure you have enough packing supplies on hand. Prime Texas Movers offers affordably priced moving supplies including boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and more.
  7. Don’t overpack boxes. Overpacking results in broken items and potential bodily injuries. Never load over 50 pounds into a box.

Time to Pack

Use this handy guide to packing for a move for specific details concerning items you’ll likely relocate during the moving process.

How to Pack Clothes When Moving

Want to know how to pack clothes for moving cross country? There are two types of clothes you’ll pack when moving: clothes hanging in the closet and clothes folded neatly in your dressers. Obviously, you want to pack clothes quickly for moving in either situation. When you pack clothes for moving correctly, you eliminate a lot of extra work and hassle.

To pack clothes for moving already on hangers, take a large garbage bag and place it over the clothes. Poke a hole in the top of the bag with the hangers to carry the clothing. This reduces wrinkles and the need for extra boxes! Plus, moving clothes in this manner saves a lot of time and hassle once you arrive in your new home.

To pack clothes for moving cross country stored in a dresser, purchase dresser, or wardrobe boxes from Prime Texas Movers. The quality boxes help you pack clothes quickly for moving and save time.

Now that you know how to pack clothes when moving, let’s learn how to pack jewelry for moving.

How to Pack Jewelry for Moving

How to Pack Jewelry for Moving
Jewelry easily becomes knotted and tangled so you can imagine the concern for your precious pieces during the relocation process. When you pack jewelry when moving, keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Use small containers sold at craft stores, as well as pillboxes and tackle boxes to store earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces to prevent them from getting lost in transition.
  2. Use foam blocks to store earrings without backs.
  3. Use a tissue or packing paper to wrap jewelry in before placing it inside any box.
  4. Purchase and use a jewelry case for high-end, luxury jewelry.
  5. With the above tips, you can easily and safely pack jewelry when moving.

How to Pack Pictures

How to pack pictures for moving
Everyone has pictures and artwork they cherish and want to keep safe during the relocation pictures. Learn how to pack pictures for moving using the following information to keep all your photos and artwork safe.

  1. Use packing paper, protective laminate paper, or protective padding between each picture.
  2. Place expensive artwork and paintings in a special box designed for artwork. Anyone who tells you how to pack pictures correctly will recommend this special box.
  3. Prime Texas Movers pads all paintings, framed photos, and artwork during the relocation process as we know how to pack pictures for moving correctly!

Ready to learn how to pack books for moving?

How to Pack Books When Moving

How to pack books for moving

If you pack books when moving, be sure that you do not overload the boxes. Cramming as many books as possible into the box seems like the obvious thing to do, but this overloads the box. This may cause the bottom of the box to collapse, resulting in damage to the books. An overloaded box can also cause back injuries. When you pack heavy books for moving, make sure you place them inside the box similar to the style you’d place them on a bookcase. Make sure that when you pack heavy books for moving, all spines face the same direction. Or, hire Prime Texas Movers to pack books for long distance move or even a local move. We know how to pack books for long distance move and local moves alike. Use our packing serving if you don’t know how to pack books for moving and want the extra protection professional service offers.

How to Pack Electronics for Moving

Do not damage your expensive electronics during the moving process. We teach you how to pack electronics for moving using the following tips.

  1. Remove and tape cords to the corresponding electronic to avoid losing important cables and cords.
  2. Take photos of the entire electronic setup before packing so you know how it should look once set up in the new home.
  3. Padding is king! Use extra padding when packing items like televisions and laptops that can damage easily without the added protection.

How to Pack Large Rugs for a Move

How To Pack Large Rugs For A Move
Whether you need to pack oriental rugs for moving or traditional rugs, the best way to do so is by cleaning them and wrapping in their original packaging when available. If the original wrap is unavailable, purchase special rug wrapping from Prime Texas Movers. We can also pack oriental rugs for moving and pack large rugs for a move down the road or across the country. Cleaning rugs before the move reduces the risk of damage and may also prevent odors and additional worries.

How to Pack Toiletries for Moving

How To Pack Toileteries For Moving
Toiletries leak. That is why leakproof containers are an important part of the relocation process. Place all toiletries inside such a container before it is packed in a box. This reduces the risk of leaked shampoo stains on your favorite outfit or worse, body wash and perfume stick pictures together! Most everyone has experienced this problem in the past. Make sure that you avoid it when relocating by purchasing those special containers.

Do not forget to put toiletries and medication inside your essentials bag for the first night at the new home. When you pack toiletries for moving, do not forget that all-important first tiring night!

How to Pack Bedding for Moving

How To Pack Bedding For Moving
Bedding like comforters and pillows can double as padding during a move. Evaluate items that may double and keep them separate from other pieces. Wrap other bedding in plastic and fold neatly before placing it into a packing box.

For added precaution, wash bedding before the move. You reduce any odors or risk of damage to the items that you wrap with the bedding or in the box with the bedding. Plus, bedding is ready to go when it arrives at the new home when you wash it beforehand, reducing the amount of work left to do at the new home.

Press down on bedding once it is inside the box. Most bedding is fluffy and will take a lot of space in a box. You’ll waste a lot of space if you do not pack down bedding, so when you learn how to pack bedding for moving, keep this in mind.

Additional Packing Tips

  1. Quality containers make all the difference during the packing process. Purchase your moving supplies from Prime Texas Movers to eliminate this worry.
  2. Put heavy items in smaller boxes and lightweight items in larger boxes.
  3. Tape the bottom of boxes before filling them to prevent breakage and items from spilling out the bottom.
  4. Fill boxes to the top without overfilling them. Remember the 50-pound rule.
  5. Close the top of each box and secure it with tape. Packing tape is the best tape for the job.
  6. Pre-stack boxes in stacks four-five feet tall if you want to save time.

A few helpful packing and moving reminders:

  • Disassemble all furniture before moving day unless you hire Prime Texas Movers for this service.
  • Dispose of flammable and toxic liquids before relocation. Never pack or move these items.
  • Pets are part of the family. Keep items out they’ll need during the move, including food, treats, water, and toys.
  • Keep in mind that while we do move furniture and items made from particleboard, we cannot accept responsibility for damage to such items. This very thin, cheap material does not move well.

The Smart Guide to Packing helps you learn how to pack for a move in 3 days, taking away the stress, frustration, and wasted time in the process. We hope this information eases some of the stress that packing for moving causes to almost everyone during the relocation process. We know that moving is a big job. That’s why we offer professional moving services, including packing service. If the idea of packing frightens you, give us a call to learn how we can easily melt away this stress with our packing service. If you prefer DIY, we still offer our assistance to you. Use this guide to learn how to pack when moving to make a smooth transition to your new home.

Now that you know how to pack for a move, expect fewer damages and worries and an overall improved moving experience.