How to protect TV from damage when moving

How to protect TV from damage when movingTelevision sets are not only bulky, but they are also fragile pieces of equipment that can become damaged during a move. If your screen gets damaged or cracked during a move, it will be costly and time-consuming to fix. When you need help on how to move a TV, we have a few pieces of valuable advice for you. Read on to learn how to pack TVs for moving safely and easily.

Use the Original Box

Anytime you buy a new television set, it is helpful to keep the original box. Not only will it help you if you ever have to return the television set for any reason, but a TV box for moving purposes is completely free! Your television will fit perfectly into the box without excessive cushioning. However, your TV movers should also shrink-wrap the TV before they fit it into the box. This gives the set more protection during the move. Plus, shrink-wrap is not as bulky as other packing materials. When you need advice on how to move a big TV, Prime Texas movers can help.

Purchase a New TV Box

We get it- you never thought about keeping the original box and got rid of it years ago. It happens! Luckily, there are tons of boxes available in all shapes and sizes. If you threw away the original box and now need a TV box for moving, search for a box that fits your set either online or in a store such as Lowes or Home Depot. While television boxes may cost around $20, the protection will be worth it. TV movers may also have boxes that will fit your TV well, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Protect Your TV During the Move

When you’re moving a large TV it is important to pack it as well as you possibly can. If you do not have the option of using the original box the TV came in and you can’t find a suitable box, a larger one will do. Simply ask your movers to wrap up the electronic in blankets and then cover the whole thing in shrink wrap. This will give it plenty of padding during the move.

How to Move a Big TV

Once you have the TV safely wrapped up and packed, you’ll want to figure out the best way to move it to your new location. If you are moving and have your own transportation, ask if the movers will load the television into your vehicle. If it can fit in the back of your car safely, this will eliminate the risk of it moving around in the back of a moving truck with other large items and boxes. If you are using a moving truck, the movers will carefully load the television to make sure it stays as safe as possible.

Pay Attention to the Accessories

A cord pressing against a TV screen during transport can cause your screen to tear or crack. If you are wondering how to move a TV as safely as possible, make sure the cord is carefully secured against the back of your television or wrapped tightly around the base. If you have any other accessories that go with the TV, such as remote controls, pack them separately.

In Conclusion

Moving a large TV isn’t always easy. If you are worried about how to pack a TV for moving and need help, Prime Texas Movers is just a click away. While packing the TV in the original box is the ideal solution, Prime Texas Movers can provide additional safe ways to move your TV from one place to another. If you need help with how to pack a TV for moving, check out our website or give us a call today at 1-469-756-3434.