Moving from New York To Florida: Tips & Expert Advice

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Moving from New York To FloridaFlorida is known as the world’s theme park capital and the home of Orlando. Florida offers residents a wide variety of rides and familiar characters and the vibrant urban city of Miami. Living in Florida is about enjoying the natural wonders and caves the untamed Everglades. There is always something interesting and fun to do in the Sunshine state. Florida is an excellent destination for anyone interested in moving.

Moving from New York to Florida

When an individual has spent their life in New York, letting go of the winter appears to be difficult. Most people change their minds once the cold bitterness of winter approaches. This is when Florida can become the ideal solution. There are numerous compelling reasons for moving from New York to Florida. The lifestyle is more laid-back and relaxing than in New York.

Friends in New York will most likely not understand why anyone would want to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. Although Florida offers city living at a faster pace, moving is still a major change. For this reason, making a moving to Florida checklist to make certain the right decision is reached is recommended. Once a decision has been reached there are many factors to consider.

Finding the right moving companies New York to Florida, the average cost to move from New York to Florida and securing lodgings on arrival are all important considerations. This will help make the transition smooth.

Cost of Living

The average cost of an apartment in Florida is less than in New York. An average one-bedroom apartment rents for approximately $1,150 per month. Many people living in New York are unable to purchase a home due to the astronomical costs. In Florida, owning a home is not necessarily a pipe dream. The average price of a home is $200,000 as opposed to the millions necessary in New York.

Moving to Florida from NY offers a lower cost of living. The average price of food is less than in the majority of the country. Since the cost of living is more reasonable, most people have more space in addition to improved financial freedom. Florida does not have any state income tax, making it a low-tax state. These are important considerations when making a moving to Florida checklist.


Each move is tailored to your individual needs. Our Moving Specialists take everything into account – our goal is to ensure we’re the right fit for you.


Your concierge will explain the entire moving process and keep you informed of schedules, dates and coordinate any and all changes along the way.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is available in cities including Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa such as the Lynx bus system in Orlando and the Metro Rail in Miami. Before moving to Florida from NY, consider getting a car to move around the state. Key West, Daytona Beach and South Beach are bicycle-friendly. Once settled, the body achieved from riding a bicycle is ideal for Florida beaches.

The Climate

Once New York to Florida movers are hired and the trip is completed, the climate is usually filled with sunshine and warmth throughout the year. The summers are very warm, humid and long. The temperatures during the evenings are lower due to frequent thunderstorms. Winters are much milder than in New York but might require a sweater every once in a while.

Every moving to Florida checklist should consider the differences in weather between mainland cities such as Orlando and the Florida coast. Summers in Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa are cooler due to breezes coming in from the shore. There are no major variations in weather but the different weather conditions throughout the state can be seen in the following cities.


Orlando is located close to the center of the state. New York to Florida movers are aware there is a chill coming from the north. Although there is a potential for freezing temperatures, it is uncommon. Orlando is generally warmer throughout the year and during the winter months. The average rainfall increases toward southern Florida, mostly during the summer.

West Palm Beach and Miami

Fort Lauderdale and the Keys are located in Florida’s southern tip. The weather here is hotter with more summer rainfall. West Palm Beach and Miami are southern coastal cities with warmer temperatures during the winter. The temperatures in the summer are kept down by the ocean breeze.


Tallahassee is an inland city in northern Florida. The state capital is more likely to experience extreme cold with snow possible but uncommon. During the winter, lows are in the 30s with warm to hot weather throughout the year.

St. Petersburg and Tampa

These cities are located on the southern part of the western coast. Florida heat is common throughout the year with coastal winds decreasing temperatures in the summer.


The climate in Jacksonville is comparative to Tallahassee since both are located in the far north. The coastal positioning offers cooler summers and slightly hotter winters than the inland neighbors.


Since Florida is a driving state, transportation is necessary. If the new residents own a car and plan on driving to Florida, the state allows 30 days after residency for transferring registration, title and license with the Florida DMV. New residents should send back old New York license plates, change addresses officially, upgrade their status as an organ donor and register to vote. A handy checklist is available from the DMV to make the transition smoother.


Employment is available in Florida for individuals with no work experience or education. The economy of Florida is driven by major industries including financial services, aviation, agriculture, aerospace and tourism resulting from the numerous theme parks located throughout the state. The available markets are dependent on the specific city.

A good example is anyone interested in an administrative or creative position within the field of contemporary art should consider Miami. This city offers a vibrant art community including the Art Basel fair.

Tips for Moving from New York to Florida

  • Consider the future when packing to move to Florida. Heavy staples for New York winters should be left behind.
  • The average cost to move from New York to Florida is an important consideration.
  • Find great moving companies New York to Florida, with excellent experience for cross country moving.
  • Move in the summer as opposed to the winter to avoid snowbirds. This is a local term for individuals living in the north but spending winters in Florida due to the much warmer climate.
  • Florida has a lot of parking available. For this reason, special parking permits are not required for moving vehicles.
  • As tempting as the food and beverages in Florida are, try not to consume everything all at once. To get started, try one of the local craft beers and fresh seafood. For anyone interested in a new culinary adventure, try a piece of the key lime pie.