Moving with Pets: 7 Tips for Success

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Moving with pets 7 tips
Moving can be stressful for anyone who is involved in the process. This can include your pet. Moving with animals adds another dimension to your move. Pets are often not thought about until the moment that you move. When they misbehave upon arriving at their new home, you may feel frustrated with them, but the fault may be your own. Your pet is a living being that gets used to its accommodations and way of life. When there is a sudden move, your pet may get stress and forget it’s generally good behavior. In order to avoid any extra stress when it comes to moving with your pet, the following are a few tips for pet owners when moving.

Get Your Pet Acclimated to its new surroundings

You probably have gone to your new home more than once to check it out. Your pet also does well to get acclimated to its new home and its surroundings. Why not take your pet to its new home in order for it to get used to the place where it will be living? It would also be a great idea, if you are moving with a dog, to walk your dog around the area in order for it to get used to the new neighborhood and all of the new smells that it is going to experience.

Put Your Pet in Its Kennel from Time to Time

If you are moving with animals and they are not used to being in their kennel, you do well to place them in their kennel from time to time before the move. If you do not do that, you pets may get scared and overreact or misbehave while they are in the kennel.

Stay Relaxed

If you are moving with a cat or moving with a dog, you don’t want them to feel any negative energy. Animals feed off of your energy, so if you keep the mood and the environment peaceful, they will follow suit.

Don’t Punish your Pet

If you move to your new home and your furry friend does have accidents, you must realize that pets have to get acclimated to their environment, and you have to give them their time.

Let Your Dog Play

If you have a dog, let it run around and play to get energy out. If your dog runs around and plays, it can get a lot of energy out. This will help it to be calm when it is in a new location.

Keep Things in Place

If you are moving with pets, do your best to keep things in a similar place to where you kept them in your previous home. If your cat’s litter box was in the bathroom, keep it there in the new home. If your dog’s bed was to the right of your bed, keep it in that position. In that way, your pet will have some consistency.

Show Your Pet Some Love

If you are moving with a cat or dog, make sure to show them love, but don’t coddle them. If you give your pets too much attention when they are scared, it could reinforce their behavior. Carry on with life, but don’t make your new changes seem like a big deal. Hug and pet your animals as much as you did before.