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Prime Texas Movers Professional pool table movers
When planning a move, one item you may be concerned with is a pool table. After all, pool tables are extremely heavy and difficult to move. Not only that, but a pool table’s components can easily become damaged if you move it incorrectly. Here at Prime Texas Movers, we are familiar with how to move a pool table without damage and can assist you with either a long or short-distance move.

Professional Pool Table Movers in Texas

If you have never moved a pool table before, you may be unfamiliar with how one is designed. A billiards table is more than just a very large piece of furniture. The table itself is made of multiple pieces of slate that is not only heavy, but also very delicate. Over top of the slate you have a piece of felt material that protects the slate and makes it possible for the pool balls to safely roll across the surface.

Even with the slate removed, the table itself can be rather heavy. In addition, pieces such as the rails and pockets might easily become damaged if they are handled roughly.

Our specialists are familiar with the best way to move a pool table, to include fully assembling and disassembling it. That includes replacing the felt so that it lies perfectly against the slate without any bumps or ripples.

In-House Moves

Maybe you are wondering what the best way to move a pool table is because you would like to switch it from one room to another. Your business may also offer recreational billiards tables that you would like to relocate within your facility. Either way, moving a pool table requires a complete assembly and disassembly. So it is not something you want to take on yourself, even if you are moving it within your current location. If you require help moving a pool table our associates will be more than willing to assist you.

Likewise, if you have already moved your pool table you could find that putting it back together again is more difficult that taking it apart was. You may even have reinstalled the felt covering, only to find that you cannot seem to make it smooth. In these instances, our professional pool table movers would be happy to help you reassemble your pool table, reinstall the pockets, or replace the felt.

Mini-Pool Table Moving

The above advice applies to regulation-size pool tables. What happens if you have a smaller, pop-up version? Depending on the size, this type of pool table can still be very heavy and cumbersome to move. Our specialists are familiar with how to lift a pool table and can therefore help you avoid injuries. Please contact us if you need help moving a pool table or any other type of recreational equipment.

Professional Pool Table Moving from Prime Texas Movers

Moving a pool table is something you should not attempt to do on your own. Even if this is the only item you need moved, you should still contact Prime Texas Movers. We’ll ensure the job is performed safely and correctly, thereby protecting one of your most valuable assets. Please contact us today to learn more.