Tips for Moving a Playhouse | Play Set

Tips for Moving a Playhouse Kids are full of energy and require constructive distraction – a playhouse is a great option for this. Purchasing a playhouse is not cheap so, if you’re moving house or the kids are now grown, it is best to have a plan. Whether the plan involves donating the playhouse, leaving it, or moving with it, either way, a decision needs to be made. In most cases, your kids would likely be flustered if you opted for one of the first two options. A playhouse has immeasurable sentimental value that only your kids can explain.

What Does Moving a Playhouse Entail?

Play Sets are generally quite bulky, varying in size and material composition. Moving a large playhouse can be a herculean task and may require large equipment, which is better handled by professional movers. At Prime Texas Movers, we have suitable equipment to handle moving a playhouse with ease. We engage in the whole range of moving services, whether commercial or residential, including disassembling and reassembling playsets.

If you decide to carry out the exercise on your own, you will need to hire the necessary equipment, which can be costly. Additionally, you may not have the necessary expertise to complete the mission in finality. Also, you risk damaging your playhouse. Another factor to consider is that it will be time engaging as you figure out where each component is to be placed. Remember, disassembling may be simple, but the challenge will be reassembling.

As professionals, this is an exercise we engage in frequently and do not need to follow a manual. We have done this for years and have operated a variety of playhouses of different types and sizes. We are experienced swing set movers and ensure no damage is caused to your equipment in the entire moving process. With branches in several cities, we make moving a smooth transition for you and you’ll only have to worry about where you are moving to.

Before moving, here’s what you need to consider!

Cost Analysis

Play sets cost thousands of dollars for elaborate sets. Carrying out a cost benefit analysis with us will better guide you on the financially viable option. You may opt to leave it behind and purchase another one at your new location, but that may not always be the most cost-effective option, especially if you’re moving a large playhouse. Unfortunately, we cannot give an estimate without seeing your unit as costs vary from unit to unit, depending on the material composition, how much detail the play set has, and the assembling required.

Playhouse Type

If you’re into DIY projects, you’re probably wondering how to move a wooden playhouse. Depending on the design and size, they are more complicated to move than plastic play sets. There are various methods to use based on the weight of the playhouse. You may need to use a truck, tractor, forklift, or other heavy-duty machinery.

Moving a large playhouse is not as complicated for professionals like us as we have all the required equipment. As professional swing set movers, we analyze the condition of your equipment before engaging in moving to ensure we give you the best service possible, ensuring minimal damage, if at all any.

Plastic playhouses are much easier to handle as their material composition makes them lightweight. In addition to this, whereas wooden play sets are likely built into the ground using concrete, this is not the case for plastic play sets. If it has been designed well and will not come apart if lifted and moved, then it should be pretty easy to handle.

Most are designed to be disassembled with ease to facilitate winter storage. If this is the case with your unit, this fully solves the problem. If carrying out a DIY project and the instruction manual is not accessible, consider referring to the manufacturer’s website for guidelines.

Alternatively, and the most advisable, leave it to us as we know how to move a wooden playhouse, plastic playhouse, or anything else that requires moving, no matter the size or material composition.

Disassembling and Reassembling

Things may be made a lot easier if the playhouse can be disassembled and transported. Plastic playhouses are the easiest to transport. They are not only lighter than those constructed of wood, but they can be disassembled and relocated in pieces. They are also more resistant to fluctuations in weather.

A wooden playhouse, on the other hand, might be rather different. If you are unable to disassemble the wooden playhouse, you may choose to leave it in and instead purchase a new one. However, for us at Prime Texas Movers, we have the expertise and know-how of moving an enormous playhouse.


You will most likely discover that the swing set needs to be inspected due to its current state. As professional movers, we have the authority to refuse to transport your swing set if it is in bad condition. This is due to liability and potential dangers.

This might be the case if the wood is rotting or perhaps there are way too many broken components, which could result in property damage or mover’s harm. Our company will not want to put itself in jeopardy by relocating your swing set if it is not a stable construction. In such instances, we prefer not to engage in the moving of your unit from inception as we do not disappoint along the way.

How To Move A Swing Set

Moving a swing set is not as simple as it seems as there are numerous compartments put together. If you intend to do it yourself, it is advisable to either have the manufacturer’s handbook with you or consider taking photos before disassembly. This will come in handy when reassembling the unit as you will use the photos as a point of reference.

For starters, before disassembly, you will need to inspect the swing set. Once you have verified it is movable without damage, use an instructional guide to help you label all the parts. This will be essential during reassembly. During this process, you will notice missing parts or parts in need of replacement. These will need to be replaced before reassembly is carried out. You can then proceed to disassemble the swing set.

Once at your new location, identify the new setup location before starting to reassemble. This will avoid having to move it again once completely reassembled. It is preferable to have a fixed surface below where you intend to install the swing set. Understand how to move a swing set before engaging in this expedition as you can easily damage your equipment if done wrongly.

Final Thoughts

While moving a playhouse may seem as a simple affair, it is best you engage our services. That way, you are assured that your play set will arrive at the new destination in the best condition possible. We also take away the headache of having to memorize the set-up of the entire structure as this is what we specialize in. Additionally, we are better placed to replace missing or damaged parts. Contact us for quotations and we will guide you accordingly.