8 Tips for Moving on Campus

8 Tips for Moving on Campus
Moving is always a tedious endeavor whether you are making a short distance or long-distance move. It is even more difficult if you are a student who wants to move into an apartment or dorm around campus. At Prime Texas Movers, we acknowledge that students are always struggling with a tight schedule, which means that preparing for a move is inconveniencing for them. We are a professional moving company that offers reliable and affordable moving services, and we can help you with your moving on campus.

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8 Moving Tips for Moving on Campus

If you are preparing to move while on campus, you can utilize the tips below for moving into a dorm to make it successful

Keep your paperwork safe in a folder

As a college student, you probably have documents that you want to keep safe. Such documents could be your previous semester’s grades, past examination papers, textbooks, printed reference articles or other personal documents. For easy handling, you must keep such documents organized before you start moving. Moving on campus can be draining, which means that you might forget to keep your important documents safe. By keeping your docs safely in a folder, you will ensure that after moving, you don’t need to dig into your unpacked boxes looking for them since retrieval will be easy.

Create a college moving checklist

One of the essential but often underrated tips for moving into a dorm is creating an inventory list. If you want to get everything right when moving on campus, you must create a checklist of all that you need to move. This will make it easier for you to ensure you pack every item that you want packed and avoid misplacing them when on the move.

Pack your belongings before the moving day

Packing your stuff might seem like one of the obvious college moving tips but you could end up doing it late hence inconveniencing yourself. You should pack all your items before your moving date. This makes it easier for you not to forget other items or mix them up when packing hastily. It will also give you adequate time to decide what you need to keep and what you need to get rid of without much confusion.

Ensure you label your boxes.

If you pack all your belongings without tagging them, you will have a hard time knowing what is contained in each of the boxes. Since unpacking your stuff would probably take some time, you will need stickers on your boxes for easy access to items you need to use urgently. Use tags, stickers or a marker pen to label your boxes conveniently.

Decide whether you will hire a professional or enlist the services of your friends or family members.

Many people consider hiring professional movers when preparing to move on campus. This can be quite expensive but it comes with comfort since all the work will be done by professionals. Using professional moving services also makes the exercise less stressful and convenient for people with tight schedules. If you are low on budget, you could enlist your friends and family members to help you with the move. This will be quite affordable as compared to hiring professionals although it is more stressful. When using the services of friends and family members, ensure that you are patient with them to avoid stress.

Manage your time properly

If you are moving to a dorm, it can be crazy and you must have all the time you need to get it right. The secret is to ensure you start moving early or to move a day before the reporting day. Since you are likely to deal with too much traffic as other students will also be moving, you should start your moving early enough. This will spare you the confusion and drama that is likely to ensue when reporting to your dorm.

Know the loading zone

Some colleges and universities regulate the area where students can unload. Get to know it before the moving day. You can call the campus helpline to inquire about it and the doors to be used to ensure you park as close to the dorm as possible.

Coordinate with your roommate

Most colleges and universities allow students to share rooms to increase their boarding capacities. Whether you know or do not know your roommate, you need to coordinate with them and move in together. This will make it easier for the two of you to discuss the logistics of moving and agree on how to go about it.


At Prime Texas Movers, we acknowledge that numerous challenges come with moving on campus and there are some mistakes that you are bound to make. At times, such mistakes can be costly hence the need to ensure that you minimize them. Our dorm movers are highly professional, which means that you can trust us to be your dorm room movers. For a successful move, keep your moving dates and paperwork safe. Moreover, be sure to contact us for all your moving needs in Texas Area.