Tips for Moving Out for the First Time

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Tips for Moving Out for the First TimeIf you’re wondering how to move out for the first time, you’re not alone. It’s a scary thing to conquer the world and run a household on your own. After leaving your childhood home, it’s a big leap to go from wondering what Mom’s cooking for dinner to wondering if you have termites in your walls. We’ve got some tips for moving out for the first time.

Set A Date

It may seem silly, but the first thing you have to do before stepping out the door into a new place is to set a date. People love to procrastinate. It’s easier that way. If you keep putting it off, you’ll live with your parents forever. Get out a calendar, point out a date, and get moving.

Figure Out Finances

One of the first steps of how to move out on your own needs to be learning to truly handle your finances. It’s not a fun thing to budget, but you have to do it in order to make sure you have room for food and bills. Track your monthly income along with your average monthly expenses. Figure out payments that you’ll need to make on your car and/or home. You’ll know how much money to expect leftover at the end of the month. You won’t have your parents there to bail you out every month. Of course, they may step in to help when you need it, but you need to step up and pay on this new adventure.

Hire A Professional Moving Company

Moving out first time means you need a a professional moving company. Many people skip this tip and regret it later. Moving out for the first time is enough of a hassle and worry without throwing in all of the little details. It’s best to have a full-service moving company come to your home to pack, move and unpack your belongings. This way things won’t get broken or lost. You can work this into your budget as well. You get to focus on the actual part of moving instead of worrying about carrying heavy boxes and packing up all of your belongings.

Chore List

It’s so easy to let things get away. One day everything is fresh, the next day it looks as if a tornado hit your house. You probably don’t even realize all your entire household did together to keep the home fresh and clean. You can’t let the sink overflow with dishes or the laundry sit in the dryer for weeks. Stick to a list of chores. Start the list with the biggest chores that must be done weekly. Check them off as you get them done. This is just one of the most important things to know when moving out because the chores never stop. You probably don’t realize how much your parents were cleaning up around the house. It’s your turn now.

Buy The Basics

One tip of how to move out for the first time is to acquire the basics for your new place. You don’t need to go overboard spending thousands of dollars on random decor. Keep it low-key at first going for the things you really need. You may forget things like paper towel holders and a pasta strainer at first. This is just fine. Start with the basics. Think of the things you use when you visit a hotel. Go from there. You probably don’t want to live like the stereotypical bachelor with just a television and chair forever, but it’s definitely a start.

Pay Your Bills

Moving out first time means paying your own bills. Start this before you even move out the door. Take charge of your auto bill, your cellphone bill, your insurance bill, and/or others that you can easily take care of when you’re still at your parents’ home. This will help the transition into paying for things like the gas, electricity and cable bill. These bills seem to stack up quickly. It can be a tough transition if you aren’t used to paying them. Set them up on auto-pay if you’re worried about remembering to pay them each month. One thing about being on your own is that no one is sitting on your shoulder reminding you to do the everyday “adulting” duties. Things like paying your bills and cleaning your house are just part of having your own new place.

Practice Good Habits

You might’ve been living on “easy street” at your parents’ house. One of the best
things to know when moving out is you have to practice good habits. This will get you ready to live on your own. No one is going to put your laundry in the washer, wash your dishes or scrub your toilets. Oh, you can hire people that do it, but odds are you’re the one in control of these things now. You need to practice good habits to get you ready for all of these little things. It’ll make the transition down the road much easier if you start helping out around the house before you actually move out.

Ask For Help

There’s special people in your life that have great tips for moving out for the first time. The people probably include your parents. They’re probably just as excited and scared as you are to move out of the home. Ask them about any expenses not on your budget, ask them if you can take old things like their plunger or some cleaning products, and ask them about their thoughts on your new place. They’re going to be open and honest. They may want to help you paint the kitchen or decorate your new bedroom. They’re going to miss you, even if they’re happy you’re finally moving out of the nest.

Get Ready To Party

Don’t forget how to move out on your own in the best way. You have to throw a party! Nothing is better than starting your new life change with a big house party. You can be casual or crazy. This is your house, so it’s all about your rules. The only thing you really have to remember is that you’re in charge of cleaning up after your own parties now.

Moving out for the first time is exciting and scary at the same time. You’re going to be living on your own, so it can be tough at times. The thing to remember is that you’re in charge. You’re going to enjoy the freedom and get to make your own rules. Contact your local moving company to help you make this big life change.