What is a certificate of insurance

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What is a certificate of insurance
When it comes time to move, whether into a single family home or a condominium complex, it may be that the movers you hire will be required to have a certificate of insurance in advance of the big day. Movers who fail to obtain this documentation ahead of the scheduled move date may be prevented from working at the destination property. This, in turn, could cause serious delays for you. The bottom line is that as you continue planning your move, make certain you understand the facts about the certificate of insurance moving companies often hold and whether or not your movers must have one. Otherwise, you might be facing a very inconvenient and awkward surprise!

What is a Certificate of Insurance Moving Companies Need?

There can be no denying that any moving company needs to have insurance in place before accepting jobs. This provides protection for their customers as well as the properties into which they are moving, and it is why many apartment operators or other landlords demand proof that a tenant’s moving company is fully covered in advance of move-in day. A certificate of insurance achieves this, and it is essentially just a document provided by the moving company’s insurance carrier confirming that a policy is in place.

What is on a Certificate of Insurance?

A moving certificate of insurance will include a series of details that will be of interest to a landlord or property manager. It states that the moving company is in fact insured, and it provides information confirming that the ocverage extends to the specific property at issue, which will be referenced by address. These certificates also explain the conditions which would trigger insurance coverage, providing landlords peace of mind that any damage occurring during move-in will be paid for by the insurer.

What If Damage Occurs During the Move?

Though every one of our professional movers is meticulously careful, there is always the possibility that damage will happen during a move. Scuffed walls or scratched floors can happen even when great care is taken, and we always assume full responsibility in such circmstances. As such, we maintain general liability insurance in the amounts required by the state of Texas. Should damage happen during a move, you the customer or the property manager on their own accord can get in touch, and we will pay the claim directly or file an insurance claim, depending on the amount of money at issue. Either way, the damage will be covered, and you will not be out any money whatsoever because we maintain a moving certificate of insurance at all times.

What Insurance Do You Need For A Moving Company?

Prior to arranging a move with Prime Texas Movers, ask your property manager what insurance do you need for a moving company. It is often a necessary part of the move-in process, and it should be stated clearly in any documentation you receive, as should the specific information that needs to be included on the certificate itself.

Now that you now what is certificate of insurance moving and have been informed that you need one, contact Prime Texas Movers and let the team know what is required ahead of your scheduled move-in date. We will make certain that it is ready to go on the appointed day so as to prevent any delays.

If you neglect to tell us that you need this kind of certificate or perhaps do not even know what is certificate of insurance moving, you could end up being prevented from moving your belongings into your new home altogether. There is nothing worse than preparing for a move, hiring professional movers, and cleared your schedule only to find that your property manager will not allow you to proceed simply because your movers lack a certificate of insurance.

To learn more about certificates of insurance and to get your moving date on our schedule, contact Prime Texas Movers for a no-cost price estimate.