Cross country moving services

Cross country moving services
You have tremendous challenges any time you are faced with a move. Those challenges are magnified even further when the move is taking you across the country. Working with reputable cross country moving companies such as Prime Texas Movers will make the process much easier. Allow us to provide you with reliable moving services whether you are moving to Texas from another state or leaving the Lone Star State for other parts of the country.

Benefits of Using Cross Country Moving Companies

You may be wondering why you should hire a cross country mover rather than doing the job yourself. First, you can save yourself the back-breaking work of loading and unloading heavy furniture. You also will not have to worry about finding someone to help you lift bulky pieces.

Renting a truck for your cross country move can be a hassle. You’ll have only a limited amount of time in which to load, transport, and unload all your possessions. Finding a place to return the vehicle can also be problematic, particularly when you are in a new city and are unfamiliar with it.

DIY moving projects often require one family member to drive the moving van while the others follow in the family vehicle. With moving companies, cross country driving is something you can all do together. As such, it will make the process less stressful, particularly if you have young children or pets.

Choose Prime Texas Movers and save time on your cross country move. Allow us to do the bulk of the work so you can concentrate on getting settled in your new home. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Choosing Moving Companies Cross Country

The cheapest cross country moving company is not always the best. You need to consider a variety of factors when deciding who to go with.

Before choosing any moving company, you should look up some information about them online. The best rated cross country moving companies will have stellar customer reviews and no unresolved complaints from the Better Business Bureau. You might also want to check out the business on social media to see what others are saying about them.

Aside from an online presence, a few other things you should look for include:

  • Registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Cross country moving companies drive large vehicles across state lines and are therefore required to meet Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements.
  • Insurance. All cross country movers should have adequate insurance on their fleet in addition to insuring your own goods against damage.
  • Number and size of vehicles. Will your movers have large enough vehicles to hold all your household goods? You’ll need a 20-24 foot truck if you are moving an average-sized 3 bedroom home.
  • Services offered. In addition to transporting your goods, you may require packing, unpacking, or white glove concierge services.
  • Timeliness. Just because you are moving long distance does not mean you want your things stuck in transit too long. Moving companies cross country will move your things safely and efficiently so you do not have to wait any longer than necessary.
  • Free quotes. The best cross country moving company quotes are achieved only after a site visit to determine the extent of your project.

What is the Average Cost of Moving Cross Country?

By now you are probably asking “what is the average cost of moving cross country?” The truth is that this is a difficult question to answer. Many things determine the cost of your move, including:

  • The amount of household goods you need shipped
  • Distance
  • Number of services required. Your move will naturally cost more if you also need us to help you with packing and unpacking
  • Whether or not you have special items such as fragile antiques or a piano that also require moving
  • Accessibility. If you live in an upstairs apartment (or are moving to one) it will take us longer to load and unload your belongings.

The best way to determine the cost of your move is to contact us to receive the best cross country moving quotes. Get in touch with us now by using our handy quote form to get the ball rolling.

Cheapest Cross Country Moving Company: Location also a Factor

Another factor that determines cost is location. Why does location matter? It’s important mainly because it determines the availability of movers. For example, in many Texas cities the population is remaining rather steady. The fact that few people are leaving means that our moving services are generally available whenever someone needs us.

On the other hand, it may be harder to schedule cross country moving companies if you are moving to Texas from another state. Texas is seeing an influx of people coming from other areas of the country such as New York and California. As soon as you are aware of your relocation, contact us for the best cross country moving company quotes.

Choosing Best Rated Moving Companies

At Prime Texas Movers, we are one of the best rated cross country moving companies. We pride ourselves in serving a number of Texas cities such as Katy, The Heights, Princeton, and Houston. However, we can easily assist you regardless of whether you are located in the Gulf Coastal Plains, Interior Lowlands, Basin and Range Province, or the Great Plains.

Perhaps you are simply moving from one part of Texas to another. In that case, it can certainly feel as though you are moving cross country. After all, Texas is around 800 miles from north to south and from east to west. That’s greater than the distance between Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL.

Count on us if you are making Texas your new home or need to relocate from here to any other area of the country. With service throughout the Lone Star State, Prime Texas Movers is here when you need us.

Ready for the Best Cross Country Moving Company Quotes? Contact us Today!

Don’t wait any longer to get started on your Texas move. Choose Prime Texas Movers, one of the best rated cross country moving companies around. Contact us today to receive a free quote and some helpful moving advice from some of the most reliable professionals in the business.