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Moving a piano is no easy task, yet the service is one that people need when relocating to a new home, business, and for many other reasons. Never attempt DIY piano moving when our local piano movers can take care of the work. Trust our piano movers near me and leave worries behind. How will you remove the piano from the house? Some pianos weigh over 1,000 pounds. If you move the piano, how will you load it onto a truck? These concerns diminish the moment you contact Prime Texas Movers for help.

Your piano is a valued musical instrument. It is a beautiful piece, one that often adds sophistication and/or memory to the home. We understand the importance of your piano and move it like it was our very own, ensuring a safe, damage-free move. We move pianos of all sizes, protecting it every mile of the way. When you hire Prime Texas Movers as your piano movers Houston, expect it to arrive at the new location in the same condition it left the old location.

Local and Long Distance Piano Moving Services

Prime Texas Movers can relocate your piano across Houston, over to Dallas, or another state. As a licensed, bonded, insured interstate moving company, we take your piano wherever you need to go. In the unlikely event, the piano is damaged during transit, you are protected with our generous insurance coverage. Our moving service ensures prompt piano relocation even on the weekend. We take the time to move your piano correctly, so it arrives damage-free. Our piano movers near me also offer a variety of additional services that you may want to add to the package deal to better protect the piano. When we carry precious cargo, we do it the right way! That is our promise to you.

Why Choose Professional Piano Movers?

Pianos are oversized, oddly shaped, and very heavy, all things that make moving them more difficult. Moving a piano usually requires some disassembly and always needs tools and equipment to reduce the risk of damages. Professional movers at Prime Texas Movers come to the job prepared to move the piano. We are the careful piano movers Houston TX that you need to move an item like this. We bring the tools, equipment, and most importantly, the expertise to disassemble, load, unload, and reassemble the piano, making life a little bit easier during the tedious relocation process.


Each move is tailored to your individual needs. Our Moving Specialists take everything into account – our goal is to ensure we’re the right fit for you.


Your concierge will explain the entire moving process and keep you informed of schedules, dates and coordinate any and all changes along the way.

Moving a Piano is No Small Task

Attempting to move a piano yourself may cause injuries that land you in the emergency room or hospital! Imagine the potential injuries a piano on the foot causes considering its sheer size alone. Apart from injuries, the risk of damaging the piano increases. Why risk damaging an instrument with such a significance in your life when Prime Texas Movers has the experts that you need? Our movers eliminate the risks and worries associated with piano relocation, so you have fewer worries. We can safely move pianos located on second or higher floors as well as those that need to be moved down steps or stairs. Your piano is in safe hands no matter the situation.

What are the Advantages of Hiring Piano Movers?

Hiring Prime Texas Movers for your piano relocation needs is a smart idea that offers a plethora of benefits. First and most importantly, the risk of an injury subsides when our movers are around. You can sit back and relax or take care of other tasks as our guys handle the big stuff. We offer a variety of piano moving services to cater to every need. We can disassemble, reassemble, and move any size or style piano that you own, even older models and antiques. When our guys are on the job, we save you time, money, and hassle, as well as potential risks like injuries and damages. There is no reason to attempt piano relocation yourself when our experts are available.

Houston Piano Movers Cost

Cost is a top concern when relocating. How much should you expect to pay for piano movers in Houston Texas? On average, expect a price from $400 – $750 for piano relocation service. Factors such as those below determine the final cost for service.

  • Type and size of the piano. Larger pianos cost more to move than smaller pianos.
  • Stairs or no stairs. If the piano is located upstairs, expect higher moving costs.
  • Piano age and condition
  • Type of moving services requested
  • The distance of the move

We strive to maintain reasonable the best piano movers price in town when possible. Prime Texas Movers piano relocation service understands that money does not grow on trees. Expect competitive prices when you trust our movers for piano relocation services.

Piano Storage From Piano Movers Houston

Utilize our clean, climate-controlled storage if you need a safe place to store your piano. Our storage units keep your piano safe and secure under lock and key with 24-hour surveillance. Rent a unit by the month at an unbelievably low price while you are in the relocation process. Additionally, we work with many storage unit providers across the county, giving our long-distance movers options for storage in their new location. No matter where your move takes you, rest assured our careful piano movers Houston TX at Prime Texas Movers gets your piano there safely.

Get Piano Moving Quotes

Get quotes from our piano movers in Houston Texas today if you need service from experts who take pride in quality relocation service. Our quote is free upon request and there is never any obligation to hire us. Once you discover how competitive our rates are, however, we think you will agree that we are the best choice for your piano moving needs. Our transparent pricing leaves the guesswork behind. You have enough to worry about during the relocation process. We certainly will not add stress to the day. Call us or fill out the online form when you need quality piano movers.

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