Privacy Policy

The collection of personal data is compliant with law no. 78 – 17, established in January 1978 as part of the information technology, styles, and freedom initiative.

To review the security measures for your information please review the privacy policy below. We do reserve the right to change this policy in accordance with current law.

Data Submitted Online

This data is collected based on your consent to provide us with the necessary information for an estimate of our services. This data is also collected when the user contacts us or offer a review of our services. It is also used when users leave comments on our website inquiring about different aspects of our business.


Cookies allow us to collect information when users log on to our site via smartphone, tablet, or computer. We will always give you the option to opt-out of cookies.

These cookies are small bits of information stored in our system. They may be temporary or permanent.

Processing Personal Data

We are able to process your personal data for a variety of uses. These uses are listed below.

  • Processing user data for quotes
  • Processing data from users who have requested contact
  • Responding to comments and reviews by users
  • Handling and creating user accounts
  • Providing users with updated information

Receivers of Personal Data

Users’ data will be directed to authorized personnel. This personnel includes our service and marketing departments.

We will not disclose any personal data to third parties unless you have given us permission to do so.

We may be required to divulge personal data. Below are the instances in which we will be required to do so.

  • Judicial proceedings
  • National Security interests
  • Company restructuring

Retention Period

Your personal data is only stored for a certain amount of time. Once that time period is over,, any user data is destroyed.

All data is only used for the purposes listed above.


Users that subscribe to our marketing contacts can receive information concerning our services at frequent intervals. Users’ personal data is only used for marketing purposes when said user has agreed to be contacted.

You can decline your submitted consent so that you will not receive marketing messages and your personal data will not be used.

Your rights

Legislation around the protection of personal data allows the user many rights. Below your rights are listed concerning personal data security.

  • Access to your personal data
  • Change of any personal data
  • Write to object the use of your personal data
  • Receive your personal data
  • Deletion your personal data
  • Control of data after your death

Security of personal data

We take every effort to make sure your personal data is totally secure and your confidentiality is kept. We also ensure that your personal data isn’t abused or damaged and we prevent third parties from misusing said data.

If you have found your personal data to be misused, then please contact us through the appropriate channels.